No Bake Whiskey Balls

Santa Chef with Whiskey Balls & Candy Canes

Every season and holiday throughout the year brings memories of enjoying family recipes that warm the heart, soul, and tummy!  One of my favorite family treats that makes the Christmas and New Year season special is No Bake Whiskey Balls.  Having knowledge of how our food in the United States has been genetically modified and/or grown with glyphosate and produced with chemical additives, I have found healthier ways to create the most loved family favorites.  This recipe is well worth the time it takes to individually roll all of the bite sized spheres in powdered sugar!

Santa Chef with 4 main ingredients for No Bake Whiskey Balls


Santa Chef with No Bake Whiskey Ball Mixture


  • Use a VitaMix® or a Food Processor to crush the cookies and chop the walnuts & chocolate chips.
  • Crush the cookies first, one box at a time, then transfer to to mixing bowl.
  • Crush the walnuts, and use a spatula to fold walnuts into the crushed cookies in the mixing bowl.
  • Crush / chop the semi-sweet chocolate chips, then fold into the cookies & walnut mixture.
  • Pour 1 cup of whiskey into the cookies, chips, & walnut mixture and mix with a spatula.
  • Add 2 tbsp of Rice Syrup to bind all ingredients.
  • Roll mini spheres in powdered sugar, and place into a glass dish. (Use 1/4 cup sugar at a time)
  • When ready to serve, set out and sprinkle additional powdered sugar over the spheres.
  • No Bake Whiskey Balls do not require refrigeration.  Store in glass containers.

Santa Chef with approximate size of Whiskey Balls


  • Use Non-Alcoholic Whiskey
  • Skip the walnuts just in case guests have nut allergies
  • Avoid Corn Syrup, use Rice Syrup as recommended
  • Avoid Gluten by choosing Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers
  • Use allergy free chocolate chips as recommended
  • Organic should always be your first choice for fewer tummy pains & less bloating

Another Holiday Favorite:

Update Your Food Choices / Shop smart:

Essential Activity:

Purchase in advance all of the ingredients at your favorite grocery stores, or via Thrive Market, or via Amazon.  Give yourself about one hour from start to finish to complete this delicious recipe creation.  Make this dessert the day before or the day of your celebration.  If you store these no bake whiskey balls in glass, they will stay fresh for a full week.


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