About Me

My name is  Margarete Hyer

I am:

  • A teacher of everything essential to the art of living freely.
  • The Essential Classroom™ founder and the creator of The Essential Lifestyle™.
  • An inspiration to every person who crosses my path.

I share with you my expertise: art teacher, artist, creative spirit, writer, holistic lifestyle strategist, swim coach, flutist, model for live fashion, print, & film, motivational speaker, courageous warrior, light being, kind & gentle soul, inspirational support system, role model, and more.

My greatest talent lies in my gift to positively influence people of all ages, with a particular gift and path of teaching, encouraging, and inspiring children.

Magic Is Real

I learned at the age of 10 that my work with young children was simply magical. It started with infant & child care that included joyfully entertaining the children I was hired to protect & care for. By age 16, I began to teach children how to swim and developed a following that I could hardly keep up with.  I manifested very quick results with all of the children I taught. I eventually transitioned that work into a local privately owned seasonal swim business. 

Giving Back

My work with young children evolved into enriching the lives of middle school students through visual arts, art appreciation, art making, and social & emotional learning. Throughout my teaching career, I began to freely share my wellness lifestyle knowledge base on a strictly volunteer basis. Fifteen years into my practice of sharing extensive amounts of wellness knowledge, I am able to offer lifestyle transformation strategy coaching & inspiration through this online platform.  The life that I have led and currently lead, is what I have named The Essential Lifestyle™.  I live what I teach, I embrace a very clean and holistic lifestyle, and I have evolved through challenges that enable me to share my knowledge based on research, personal experience, overcoming challenges, and innate wisdom.

Design Your Life

My life is rich and filled with abundance because I have designed my life to be centered on giving of myself to others in positive ways. Although it is important to find balance and be able to support oneself in this modern world, the rewards of helping others cannot be measured in dollars.  We all have the ability to manifest the necessities in life that will support us in maintaining health, wellness, happiness, and overall freedom to think for ourselves & make wise choices.  My purpose here is to be a role model for you.  I am a light-worker human being who has endured adversity, yet still stands strong with courage, belief, and faith.  Desire to overcome obstacles and having the courage to persevere with achieving your wellness and lifestyle goals, is what I am here to help you accomplish.  You too can find the answers when you continue to seek and believe that you were born to enjoy life and experience happiness, health, and freedom.

Nourish Your Inner Child

No matter what your current age, it is incredibly important to acknowledge that we are all up against a variety of challenges in our day to day lives. In today’s technology laden world, it is easy to be pulled into a vortex that rocks our naturally balanced state of wellness. Simplifying and going back in time where we escape from technology for pockets of time, can help to restore the peace & happiness within. Children most especially, need to connect with nature and be allowed to use their imaginations for healthy entertainment that encourages freedom of self-expression, innovative thinking, and overall centering.  We too need to nourish our inner child in order to maintain happiness and support good health.

Let’s Consciously Create Together

What do you desire to manifest in your life? What would your life look and feel like if you could design it like a movie and feel peace, happiness, joy, and vibrant health?

Join me on a path of:

  • Discovering balance in all areas of your life.
  • Bringing your inner creativity to life.
  • Re-connecting with your soul to discover what truly makes you happy.
  • Experiencing perfect health, vitality, & success in all areas of life.
  • Embracing the art of living consciously, freely, simply, creatively, & joyfully.

Let’s do this!!

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