Wild Orange Happiness Boost

Sourced from the Dominican Republic, Wild Orange oil is one of dōTERRA’s most popular oils—and with good reason. Not only does Wild Orange oil have a variety of uses, but its invigorating, energizing aroma is hard to resist!  Wild Orange promotes feelings of happiness, naturally. Need a lift?  Drip one drop of Wild Orange and one drop of Peppermint Oil into the palm of your hand.  Rub your hands together and breathe through your mouth to suction the aroma of the oils into your system.  Rub the remaining oil on your hands onto the back of your neck and over your hair and clothing.  You will no doubt feel an immediate burst of energy and boost of happiness.

Drink, Diffuse, Embrace, Enjoy

One of my favorite and daily ways to use Wild Orange is to add a few drops to my drinking water for a flavorful beverage. In fact, adding various citrus essential oils to my water happens to be my primary way of staying hydrated. I also love to diffuse Wild Orange to neutralize cooking odors and to create a nurturing environment for myself and a welcoming environment for guests.  I highly recommend diffusing citrus oils to spark creativity, wake up a sleepy class of students, improve behavior, improve overall mood, and increase focus and concentration.  Combine all of the Citrus Oils together for an aromatherapy experience that is undeniably wonderful. This diffuser blend is called Citrus Slush and combines all of the citrus oils together, including: Wild Orange, Tangerine, and a snappy kick of Vanilla (Citrus Bliss Blend).

Citrus Slush Diffuser Blend


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Wild Orange for Cleaning & Refreshing

Within all households, there are several factors that can jeopardize a healthy immune system.  The cleansing properties of essential oils, including Wild Orange, will reduce and eliminate most harmful elements that can weaken the body’s natural defense mechanisms.  Many studies have shown that essential oils are effective on contacted surfaces, in the air, and even in wet solutions.  Mixing a concentration of certain essential oils blends as well as Citrus Oils such as Wild Orange, can be an excellent cleaning solution that purifies surfaces.

For cleaning purposes, combine a few drops of Wild Orange oil with water in a spray bottle and use the mixture as an all-purpose spray for cleaning the surfaces in your home.  It works really well for purifying surfaces like countertops and tables. Not only do I love having clean surfaces, but the all-purpose spray leaves behind a lovely citrus aroma that is safe to breathe in.  To learn more about dōTERRA Orange oil, visit the Wild Orange product information page.

Wild Orange For Creating Earth Paint

One of my most memorable art history units taught at the high school level was Prehistoric Cave Art of Lascaux, from southwestern France.  I had my students create their own renditions of art from prehistoric times, but they were required to make their own brushes, painting tools, and natural pigments.  The artwork that these 16 and 17 year old students created was incredible.  It was so inspiring to see how resourceful the kids were in thinking outside the box to re-create a work of art unlike anything they had attempted to create before.

You too can partake in an experience of creating natural paints that are vibrant and safe for all ages.   Simply visit the doTERRA Blog Spotlight for a recipe list that includes every color of the rainbow.  Wild Orange Mixed with Turmeric, Vegetable Glycerin, and Bentonite Clay, will produce a beautiful orange.

Essential Activity:

Choose one way in which using Wild Orange resonates with you the most.  You can choose to drink Wild Orange in water, breathe it in for a “pick me up” (combined with peppermint), diffuse it, clean with it, or create a natural pigment and make art with it.  Contact me for more information on how to set up a wholesale account to get Wild Orange and more, in the least expensive and most cost effective way.

doTERRA Wild Orange and Orange Slices


I only use essential oils from the true leading essential oils company in the world – doTERRA. Based on personal experience and scientific knowledge, it is even more dangerous to inhale an impure essential oil, than it is to ingest and apply it.  I once got headaches from essential oils that claimed to be therapeutic grade from a company who claimed to be the world leader in essential oils.  Those essential oils proved to be fragrance oils, as over time, I developed fragrance toxicity.

A true certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil will not make you feel any level of dis-ease.  As the marketplace becomes flooded with essential oil companies who make untrue claims, please be mindful of what you bring into your homes. The energy of impurity is simply not healthy for the energy of you or your home.  Keep it simple, keep it pure, choose well, choose doTERRA for safety, purity, and results that work like magic. I am living proof.  Remember, happy, healthy, and free is your birthright and smart choices equals vitality plus success.


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