8 Toxic Age Promoting Ingredients

Most of us live our lives with trust and faith that we are protected by the individual agencies that govern our society. Unfortunately, the truth has come into the light over the past 2 decades, that we simply can not blindly trust the countless toxic age promoting ingredients in products that are being marketed to us via all forms of media and storefronts.  When we shop for mainstream products, we must begin to do our own investigation into what the ingredients on the labels are.  Day after day, week after week, year after year, most of us are unaware of the numerous poisonous chemicals found in common, everyday household and personal care products.  When you combine these chemicals in your body over time, cumulative damage is created.  It is essential to learn about the dangers of toxins and replace toxic products with safe, natural products.

Reasons for Concern

In some circumstances, ingredients are not required to be labeled.  The laundry detergent you are currently using may contain alcohols, alkali, emulsifiers, synthetic fragrances, dyes, heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, and petrochemicals. These harmful ingredients have the potential to cause harm by way of organ damage, reproductive damage, respiratory challenges, skin reactions, headaches, tumors, muscle weakness & cramps, and so much more. Consider the cumulative effect on our health after using a variety of products that contain small amounts of dangerous chemicals, over the course of our lifetime.

The skin in particular, is the largest organ in the body. Everything applied to the skin is easily and readily absorbed into all cells of the body. Toxic load is not easy to eliminate, unless one is focused on detox on a daily, monthly, yearly basis.  It is essential to our health and well-being that we educate ourselves and make wise choices that support the prevention of dis-ease.  Avoiding toxic ingredients in our personal care and home care products is equally important as monitoring the food and drink that we ingest, as well as the air that we breathe in.

8 Toxic Age Promoting Ingredients

  1.  Heavy Metals may induce:  short attention span, reduced intelligence, hyperactivity, emotional disorders, motor difficulties, brain disorders, immune disorders, nausea, joint & bone pain, muscle weakness, muscle, joint & bone pain, mouth sores, abdominal cramps, cancer, genetic damage, and aging.  Found in:  bath soap, body wash, skin cream & lotion, rash & acne medication, moisturizer, antiperspirant, toothpaste, mouthwash, detergent, fabric softener, lipstick, eye shadow, face powder, face color, facial cleanser, nail polish, and vaccines.
  2. Petrochemicals may induce:  depression, fatigue, allergic reactions, immune system disorders, sensitivity to sun, headaches, respiratory failure, asthma, intestinal gas, rashes, pimples, inhibit skin functions, splitting nails, and premature aging.  Found in:  mattress & pillow, air freshener, bath soap, body wash, skin cream & lotion, rash & acne medication, moisturizer, antiperspirant, cologne, underarm deodorant, detergent, fabric softener, dry cleaned clothes, lipstick, eye shadow, face powder, face color, facial cleanser, nail polish, feminine deodorant, sanitary napkins, perfumes, and nail polish.
  3. Synthetic Fragrance & Dyes may induce:  depression, emotional problems, ADD, emotional & behavioral problems, hyperactivity, irritability, headaches, dizziness, allergic reactions, stomach upsets, skin rashes, vertigo, convulsions, violent coughing & sneezing, muscular aches & pains, Leukemia, Hodgkin’s, cancer, multiple tumors, reproductive damage, and organ damage.  Found in:  air fresheners, mattress & pillow, bath soap, body wash, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, skin cream & lotion, shaving cream, aftershave lotion, skin rash & acne medication, moisturizer, antiperspirant, cologne, underarm deodorant, hair spray, toothpaste, mouthwash, foot deodorant powder, detergent, fabric softenerlipstick, eye shadow, face powder, face color, facial cleanser, nail polish, feminine deodorant, sanitary napkins, perfumes, and facial cleanser.
  4. Synthetic Preservatives may induce:  mental confusion, reproductive damage, asthma, respiratory problems, tumors, cancer, digestive problems, organ damage, muscle weakness & cramps, headaches, skin rashes, eye damage, loss of motor control, joint pain, and more.  Found in:  air freshener, bath soap, body wash, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, skin cream & lotion, shaving cream, aftershave lotion, skin rash & acne medication, moisturizer, antiperspirant, cologne, underarm deodorant, mouthwash, foot deodorant powder, plastic cups for mouthwash rinses, lipstick, eye shadow, face powder, face color, nail polish, facial cleanser, perfumes, and vaccines.
  5. Pesticides & Fungicides may induce:  flu-like symptoms (fatigue, muscle & joint pain), stomach cramps, nervous system disorders, swelling of body parts, genetic mutations, birth defects, gland tumors, organ damage, cancers, death, insomnia, memory loss, and dizziness.  Found in:  bath soap, body wash, skin cream & lotion, skin rash or acne medication, underarm deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, foot deodorant, and detergent.
  6. Detergents & Emulsifiers may induce:  hair loss, skin irritation, scalp eruptions, strip skin of protective oils, allergic reaction, interference with nutrient absorption, cataract formation, organ damage, reproductive damage, blindness, and cancer.  Found in:  bath soap, body wash, hair shampoo, skin cream & lotion, skin rash & acne medication, toothpaste, laundry detergent, fabric softener, lipstick, eye shadow, face powder, face color, and facial cleanser.
  7. Chlorines may induce:  mental function difficulties, headaches, child development problems, gastrointestinal & urinary tract cancer, organ & gland cancer, severe eye problems, immune system breakdown, and more.  Found in:  chlorine bleach.
  8. Alcohols, Acid, & Alkali may induce:  sleeping problems, depression, disorientation, headaches, dizziness, nerve damage, vision problems, stomach cramps, rashes, muscle weakness, coughing, respiratory problems, anemia, organ damage, fatigue, heart damage, cancer, and death.  Found in:  air freshener, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, skin cream & lotion, aftershave lotion, skin rash & acne medication, moisturizer, antiperspirant, cologne, underarm deodorant, laundry detergent, chlorine bleach, dry cleaned clothes, lipstick, eye shadow, face powder, face color, perfumes, and vaccines.

How I make healthier choices

1.  I have chosen doTERRA for an easy one stop shopping solution for most of my personal and household care solutions.  doTERRA carries the highest quality and purest essential oils on the market today. doTERRA is an international household name, and a growing name in the medical field, as research continues to prove the effectiveness of essential oils in healthcare and overall wellness.  Having met the owners of the company and learned about essential oils extensively over the past 14 years, I feel very confident in the doTERRA products that I love and use.

The medical world has got its eyes on doTerra! doTerra’s mission to bridge the gap between alternative and conventional medicine is being realized. They have the attention of renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital who will soon release an independent research report on the antimicrobial properties of doTerra essential oils specifically. This is big news! Other hospitals will soon fall in line, not wanting to fall behind the innovation curve. These are exciting times ”  Jon Erik Kvamme

2.  I freshen the air and kill germs on contact by diffusing doTERRA essential oils in my home and my classroom. The immune support blend is my first choice for fresh smelling air.  I also diffuse Lavender for peaceful sleep, Wild Orange for a happiness boost when guests visit, and Frankincense because it is one of the higher vibrational frequency essential oils on our planet, next to the highly sought after Helichrysum and Rose.  For example, cancer vibrates at a frequency of 42 MHz. Frankincense vibrates at a frequency of 147 MHz.  Essential oils high in frequency will overcome the bodies cells that are vibrating at lower frequencies, helping to restore them to their natural state.

3.  I apply essential oils all day long for the aromatherapy value and in place of carcinogenic fragrances. Mainstream perfumes and fragrance products sold in America’s average storefronts give me headaches.  I use essential oils and products for just about everything in my life and in my home.

4.  I do not waste my money on expensive toxic products and I take the time to read labels.  For more information on the countless ingredients in our personal care and home care products, visit The Environmental Working Group website.

5.  I eat a very clean diet and detox yearly using the Blessed Herbs colon cleansing kit and the internal cleansing kit.  Cleansing with these kits has brought me greater vitality and vibrancy.  Detox and cleansing is a must for all adults over the age of 30.

6.  I detox on a maintenance schedule with Ionic Foot Detox baths.  I have been using this method of detox for over 15 years primarily to reduce heavy metals in my body that are present from dental exposures including:  crowns, mercury fillings, cavitations from wisdom teeth removal, and chemtrail metals that we are exposed to from inhalation and ingestion of our produce.

7.  I make my own products when I’m unable to find clean personal and home care products.  I have created room sprays, bath salts, roll-on deodorants, and more.

Citrus Room Spray


20 drops Lemon
20 drops Wild Orange
20 drops Lime
Distilled water
Glass spray bottle


In a glass spray bottle, add essential oils and top with water. Depending on the size of your spray bottle, you may wish to add more essential oils.  Shake before using.

Essential Activity

Go through one cabinet at a time in your home.  Read the labels of all personal care and household care items. Replace items that have toxic ingredients with safe products of your choosing.  Take this process one room at a time, one cabinet and drawer at a time.  Stop using expensive fragrances, room sprays, and air fresheners.  Diffuse certified therapeutic grade essential oils that are proven to be third party tested.  Always do your research before making important purchases, most especially purchases of essential oils, supplements, and products.  Drink filtered water to avoid ingesting chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Berkey Water FilterEssential Oil Disclaimer

I only use essential oils from the true leading essential oils company in the world – doTERRA. Based on personal experience and scientific knowledge, it is even more dangerous to inhale an impure essential oil, than it is to ingest and apply it.  I once got headaches from essential oils that claimed to be therapeutic grade from a company who claimed to be the world leader in essential oils.  Those essential oils proved to be fragrance oils, as over time, I developed fragrance toxicity.

A true certified pure therapeutic grade essential oil will not make you feel any level of dis-ease.  As the marketplace becomes flooded with essential oil companies who make untrue claims, please be mindful of what you bring into your homes. The energy of impurity is simply not healthy for the energy of you or your home.  Keep it simple, keep it pure, choose well, choose doTERRAfor safety, purity, and results that work like magic. I am living proof.  Remember, happy, healthy, and free is your birthright and smart choices equals vitality plus success.



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