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Letting go of the “old used up energy things” allows for the “new feel good energy things” to enter in.  So let’s begin with the basics!

Clear the Chemical Clutter in Your Home

Are you aware of the harmful ingredients that are lurking in most of your personal care products and much of your food? Eliminate as many of those ingredients from your home as soon as you possibly can.  Replace the products that contain harmful ingredients one step at a time with a one stop shopping experience.  Invest in quality personal care, supplements & household products that are safe for you, your children, and your pets.  Use a product line that is free of synthetics and full of nature’s living and most restorative gifts – essential oils.

Some Ingredients to Avoid: 

Artificial Colors, Diethanolamine (DEA), Formaldehyde donors, Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene glycol, Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), Toulene, Triethanolamine (TEA), Animal Testing

Clear the Un-Organized Clutter in Your Home & Work Space

Clear the clutter in each closet, cabinet, and room of your home.  As you re-organize, consider whether or not you actually need to hold onto many of those items.  When is the last time you either looked at, wore, or used a particular item?  Think about the local charities that can benefit from your donations.  The premise of the Buddhist philosophy is that when you continue to give from your bowl of abundance, that bowl is continuously replenished.  Therefore, the more you continue to give, the more you will receive.  Keep the cycle flowing and give of not only your possessions, but your time and your love.  The universe will always provide for you, all that you and your family needs.

Clear Emotional Clutter & Relationships That No Longer Serve You

Clear emotional clutter.  Which relationships in your life no longer serve you?  Reflect upon who you share your time with and the relationships that make you feel sad, angry, uncomfortable, unsupported, or unfulfilled.  If it is possible to minimize the strain by spending less time with certain people, then do so.  Maybe it is time to walk away from certain relationships, and that includes in the workplace as well.  If you are in a marriage and not quite as happy as you would like to be, there are many avenues to explore in order to restore and bring back to the surface, the love that resides deep within the connection that brought you together in the first place.  If you know that you are no longer meant to be together on a soul level, then do your best to move on in a graceful and peaceful manner.  Know that it is your birthright to be happy, loved, and supported. 

For children who are bullied and picked on at school or in the home, it is up to the parents to be aware of their child’s behavior both in and out of the home.  If your child is the recipient of being picked on at school, address the issue with the school administration.  Separating your child from a bully is usually the best way to remedy a social emotional challenge that no child should have to deal with.  Yes, it is beneficial for kids to work through their own challenges, however, there are times that dealing with negative energy coming from another child is simply not manageable, when the situation at hand has developed into a chronic and daily event.  Be aware of bullying that goes on within your own families as well.  Often times, one sibling will bully another.  Not all children feel comfortable speaking up.  There are two types of children.  Children who use their voices and share their feelings, and children who hide within their shells and don’t speak out, usually out of fear.  Ongoing sibling bullying and abuse can be happening within a households and continue for weeks, months, and even years!, if unaddressed by parents.  Whether the abuse is emotional, physical, or both, this can lead to both emotional and physical manifestations in the victim, that can lead to chronic dis-ease.

Nourish Your Body With Real Food

Feed your body with the purest of foods.  Promote a healthy metabolism and clear the body of clutter, by eliminating the following:  dairy, alcohol, sugar, recreational drugs, meat, wheat, soft drinks, and caffeine.  Try to stick with this elimination diet for 90 days.  Support yourself with healthy replacements that will help with purifying and cleansing the body, such as:   structured water AND Citrus Essential Oils to cleanse cells.  

Take “Re-Set Time” Throughout The Day

Balance the activity in your mind by giving yourself “re-set” breaks throughout the day.  If we remain immersed in the same task for too long, we may experience burn out and loss of focus.  It’s very important to take time to eat three meals a day, walk away from your computer, desk, or repetitive task from time to time, and give yourself the time needed to exercise and release endorphins that give you more energy, more focus, and more confidence.  For enhancing & sustaining focus, use an essential oil Focus Blend.  It supports efforts of those who have difficulty paying attention & staying on task, and promotes healthy thought processes.

In the classroom, children need a few transitions during each class period as well.  It is important to create a lesson plan flow within the classroom that allows students to re-focus and re-set just like we do as adults.  Expecting students to sit still for an entire hour is unrealistic.  Just as we adults need to “keep moving”, kids are even more full of healthy energy, making it critical to “switch gears” a few times throughout the class period.

Feed Your Spirit

Feed your spirit with everything that makes you feel good, but only if it is truly good for you.  Think healthy!  Go back in time to your childhood or a favorite time period in your life when everything was simplified.  If you could have a day of “play”, what would you do with your time?  Would you stay inside or play outside?  Would you create a work of art?  Create music?  Make music with others?  Listen to music?  See a play?  Embrace nature?  Exercise or play a team sport?  Meditate?  Cook or bake?  Write?  Read a book?  Visit with a friend or spend it alone?  The choices are limitless!  Maybe feeding your spirit means that you simply spend the whole day doing things that support your goal of space clearing and/or creating a healthy metabolism.  For spiritual and healthy metabolism support, visit the SHOP.  My first book suggestions are:  Simple Food for Busy Families, The Eat Clean Diet, The Food Doctor, Living Balanced, Ask and It Is Given, Spiritual Solutions, and The Secret.

Nourish Your Soul

Nourish your soul with essential oils that assist you in releasing old patterns & ancestral karma, and initiate the transformation of cellular DNA.  Some of my recommendations are:  Bergamot, Frankincense, Lavender, Melissa, & Ylang Ylang.  Select the ones that most resonate with you to get started on your path of transformation and healing.  Using almost any essential oil is a wonderful addition to meditation practices too.  Essential oils can be applied on the shoulders, crown, chest, behind the ears, neck, forehead, bottom of feet and wrists.  They can also be worn as a perfume or cologne, diffused before bed time, and use in the bath.


1.  Keep a journal for the next 90 days.  Map out a “life-game” plan of the goals that you wish to accomplish in the next 90 days.

2.  Include the food that you eat and what you have successfully & consistently eliminated.

3.  Before bed, write down 2 things that you were grateful for during that particular day.

4.  Set positive intentions (as many as you wish), for what you wish to manifest in your life in the present and future.

5.  As you lie in bed with your eyes closed, visualize something that you wish to manifest in your life.  For example, it could be your dream vacation to an island.  See yourself there and put yourself into the “feeling” place of the vacation actually occurring.  If you need some assistance, do some online research of your dream vacation location.  Print out some images and keep them near your bed or in your journal.  Practice visualization each night before you fall asleep.

6.  Be kind to yourself.


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