Our Food Reality

Following is a disturbing diagnosis about our food reality:  “The food industry has captured our brains, hijacked our brain chemistry, and created a nation of food addicts driven towards obesity. Chronic disease is a food-borne illness” Dr. Mark Hyman

I realize that the above fact may be difficult to believe.  Find the validation that you need by looking through your kitchen cabinets right now.  Read the labels on all of the “food” that is on the shelves and in your refrigerator.  Look for the following harmful ingredients:  casein, genetically modified ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, propylene glycol, aspartame, food colors, homogenized milk, niacinamide, sodium, sodium nitrate, sucralose, and sugar, to name a few.  Note that any “food” product that contains soy or corn, and is not labeled organic, is most likely genetically modified.  I recommend removing these items from your home immediately.

I understand that many of us are tied emotionally to the foods that we’ve enjoyed over the years and throughout our lifetimes.  Food is a beautiful part of life, but not when it creates havoc and dis-ease in our bodies and affects our quality of life.  Food that comes directly from the earth is what I call REAL FOOD.  How much real food is in your home at this very moment?

Most of us have been consuming the very toxins that are creating so much dis-ease in society. I highly recommend exploring the endless amounts of information on this website and on the internet, that will prove to you how corrupt our food system has become, and how the ingredients in processed food is making our society sick.

Essential Activity:

Open your mind to the truth.  Repeatedly being introduced to a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, food products, personal care products, and household products that are harmful to your health, is simply not healthy for your mindset.  Turn off the television for one entire week and replace that empty time with education that will serve you and your family’s health & well-being.  Educate yourself with the facts about the products that have been marketed to you.  Start reading labels and buy both organic & non-GMO project verified.


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