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Life is an educational experience.  Join me for lifestyle education to create a life that you enjoy and love.  Learn how to let go, be free, and express yourself in happiness.  Laughter, light, music, and frequency is the hidden key to wellness success. Explore the various ways of achieving health freedom by introducing one habit, one recipe, and one mindset shift at a time.  The road to a successful life filled with health and vitality, is easy to achieve.

Are you a home educator?  Join me on a journey of learning home education skills for educating children.  You don’t need a degree in teaching to properly educate your children.  The more knowledge you seek and learn, the more transformation, success, sustainability, and growth you will achieve for you and your family.

The Essential Classroom is an ongoing educational experience and a personal empowerment service.  Learn how to create a healthy foundation at home with basic wellness and living skills.  With knowledge, conscious decision making, and positive changes we choose to adopt, we will transform our homes, educational centers, and places of employment.  Join me in learning how to shift your life from ordinary to extraordinary!


Explore all of the information on this website at your leisure.  Travel where the energy takes you and enjoy the journey of discovery!


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