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Did you know that Europe bans over 1,300 harmful chemicals from personal care products? The United States bans only 11. One in two men and one in three women will get cancer in their lifetime. One in 68 U.S. children (1 in 42 boys) have been identified with autism spectrum disorder. More than 5 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s, with a projected increase to over 7 million by 2025.

Our body’s consist of more than 70% water. We spend billions on bottled water each year, we are drinking more water than ever, and yet 75% of the world’s population is chronically dehydrated. Why? Research confirms that the molecules of most of the water we consume daily are aligned in a chaotic, large-clustered manner. That makes it extremely difficult for our body to absorb and optimally hydrate, ultimately leading to unintentional, yet chronic dehydration.

The following symptoms are a direct result of dehydration: uneven skin tone, premature onset of wrinkles, anxiety and/or depression, headaches, joint pain, excess weight, sleeplessness, lack of focus, and fatigue.

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