May I have some chlorine with my water?…oh, and some plastic and fluoride too?  I hope you answered no!  Since 60% of our bodies are made up of water, it’s important to be aware of the ingredients within your tap water as well as the bottled water that you purchase.  You’re probably thinking, “ingredients?”, isn’t water simply water?  Unless you go to the spring yourself to collect bottled water in glass jugs, you are more than likely drinking “other” ingredients in your water.

Chlorinated Water

Did you know? …that indoor swimming pools can damage the future fertility of children?  For information on how chlorine negatively impacts one’s health, the following link provides many articles that present facts about chlorine atoms that are present in some of the food we eat as well as the water we drink and bathe with.

Plastics In Our Water and Beyond…

Did you know? … that plastic has been added to the list of another carcinogen exposed!?  Following is an important comment on plastics by Dr. Charles B. Simone, M.MS, M.D.:


“Do not drink or eat from plastic containers that have a number 7 inside a triangle on the bottom. Bisphenol A (BPA), a known estrogen-like compound, is used to make number 7 plastic, polycarbonate. Because polycarbonate is clear and sturdy, it is used to make baby food containers and water bottles, sports equipment, medical and dental devices, dental fillings and sealants, eyeglass lenses, CDs and DVDs, and household electronics. And it is present on many types of sales receipts, from which it rubs onto people’s hands.

Scientific data show that BPA can cause developmental and reproductive abnormalities, precancerous changes in the prostate and breast, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and liver problems.

A 2010 report from the United States Food and Drug Administration raised concerns regarding exposure of fetuses, infants and young children. In September 2010, Canada became the first country to declare BPA as a toxic substance. In the European Union and Canada, as well as a few states of the United States, BPA is banned in baby bottles and sippy cups. But plastic number 7 is NOT currently banned in all of the US.”

Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D.

Flouride Truth

Did you know? …that fluoride is not good for our health as we may have been convinced to believe over the years?  If children are vomiting in the dentist office after fluoride treatments, why aren’t parents and dental practitioners questioning why?

Did you know? …that flouride is a poison?!

*  Fluorides are medically categorized as protoplasmic poisons, which is why they are used to kill rodents.

*  The devastating, toxic effects of fluoride are well documented by mainstream organizations such as:

The Journal of the American Medical Association

The New England Journal of Medicine

The governmental National Institute of Environmental and Health Sciences

Scientist at the US Environmental Protection Agency

The American Chemical Society

Lynn Landes & Maria Bechis, America:  Overdosed on Flouride, June 2008

Reflect upon this…and save money!

Do you buy bottled water?  Do you buy specialty flavored water?  How about water that is “fortified”?  I want you to reflect, in general, upon the beverages that you buy on a weekly basis and be honest with yourself.  How much money are you spending on bottled beverages, including water, and how much nourishment are you actually getting from all of those beverages you purchase from week to week?  Oh, and look at the ingredient label of the specialty drinks…does that beverage contain sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, aspartame?

Up to 60% of our bodies are water.  Water is a necessity for all living organisms.  Unfortunately, the water industry has taken advantage of this fact and created many different varieties of “water” that are marketed so well to us that the average person spends about $100 per year on bottled water and the average household spends about $850 on soft & flavored drinks per year.  That’s a lot of wasted money on drinks that are potentially harming your body AND the environment.  Consider this, 45% of bottled water is tap water.  With our water being contaminated by pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and more…is it really worth the your money to be purchasing a product that is harming not only your body, but the environment?  It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to break down!

Here’s what you can do to save money, help your body, and save the environment.  First and foremost, stop buying beverages that are packaged in plastic.  The plastic is terrible for you to be drinking down as it leaches into your beverage, most especially if you leave the plastic bottles in a hot car, and those plastic bottles are NOT being recycled.  However, if you are on the run, or on a vacation, please note that if you do recycle, those plastic bottles may very well be put to good use.  Plastic water & beverage bottles are #2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which after recycling, are used in waterproof plastic lumber, flowerpots, drainage pipes, trash cans, traffic barriers, cones & signs.

Next, consider purchasing a collection of healthy beverages packaged in nicely shaped glass bottles with catchy labels that will appeal to your visual senses every time you recycle and drink from it.  Choose a bottle design that is easy to clean.  Do some research, and install a quality water filtration system in your home.  Before leaving the house, fill your glass bottle with filtered water, and add one drop of your favorite citrus essential oil to the glass bottle.  Need to cool down, wake up, or get rid of a tummy ache?  Add one drop of peppermint essential oil to your water.  Now you have a perfectly delicious and inexpensive flavored water to enjoy!  Even better, you will reap the health benefit rewards and have fresh breath! 

Quick Citrus Essential Oil Tips:

1.  Only buy Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that are third party tested.  I use essential oils from the world’s leading essential oil company.  They are pure therapeutic grade essential oils that are by far the safest, most effective, 100% guaranteed pure therapeutic grade and un-adulterated essential oils on the market.  Contact me to find out how to obtain these essential oils wholesale.

2.  All Citrus essential oils are high in limonene.  They help to cleanse and purify the air and our bodies.

3.  Grapefruit essential oil cleanses and purifies, is beneficial for oily skin issues, supports healthy metabolism, helps reduce mental and physical fatigue, and helps with sore muscles and joints.

4.  Tangerine essential oil helps with circulation and supports the lymphatic system.

5.  Orange essential oil is a powerful cleanser and purifying agent.  It protects against seasonal and environmental threats, is high in antioxidants, and is uplifting to the mind and body.

6.  Lemon essential oil naturally cleanses & purifies the air and surfaces.  It naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion, promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability, supports healthy respiratory function, helps ward off free radicals with its antioxidant benefits, and soothes an irritated throat.

Helpful Tips

Tip 1:  A whole house water filtration system is ideal, but for so many, the price is out of reach.  In the meantime, unless you do have a whole house water filtration system, limit your “chlorine filled” baths, and consider purchasing a charcoal filter for your tub spout and shower head.

Tip 2:  Avoid fluoride mouth rinses and colorful mouthwashes.  Replace those products with Protective Blend essential oil blend which can be turned into a mouthwash by adding one drop to 2 ounces of water.  Protective Blend contains Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Wild Orange.  It tastes delicious!

Tip 3:  Replace fluoride toothpastes with an essential oil Natural Whitening Toothpaste.  As your mouth absorbs the toothpaste, along with the mouthwash, you can be assured that only ingredients that come straight from nature are being absorbed into your body.  The Natural Whitening Toothpaste I use cleans and freshens breath, provides soothing protection for the mouth, gums, and throat, provides support by strengthening teeth through remineralization of surface tooth enamel, and helps remove plaque and teeth stains, but is gentle enough to not damage tooth enamel.

Personal Note:  I no longer use fluoride filled toothpaste or colorful mouthwashes.  My gums no longer bleed and my teeth have NOT formed any cavities since!


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. As members offer or look for answers, kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis. Essential oils are not used to “treat” medical problems.




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