Affirmation for Releasing the Past

It is a known fact that negative mindset patterns create dis-ease in the body.  On the contrary, the flow of positive thoughts and feelings can change our entire thought process, creating a level of happiness and peace that can only be found when we free ourselves from past sorrows, struggles, and traumas.  Affirmations offer support to overcome a negative mindset, release the past, and shift one’s outlook from hopeless to hopeful.

An affirmation is the act of declaring something positive.  Affirmations help us to be in conscious control of our thoughts.  Thoughts become things, therefore, when you speak, think, or hear an affirmation, it quickly becomes part of your reality.  We truly are the creator of our lives.  What we think about is typically what manifests in our lives.  Therefore, it is essential to shift our mindset to as much positive thinking as possible.  Otherwise, those negative thoughts will stick with us into the next day creating a perpetual cycle that feels impossible to escape.

Most of the 50,000 thoughts we have per day are negative and subconscious.  But we can shift this pattern by feeding our conscious mind with affirmations or declarations such as:  my body is relaxed, I am at ease, I feel happy, I am full of energy, life is easy & fun.  It is very common to hold onto the past and allow negative memories to drag our emotions and energy down.  The most productive way to let go of the past is to participate in the affirmation process on a daily basis. With persistence, you will surely see, feel, and experience positive changes in your mindset and overall energetic aura.

Essential Activity:

Louise Hay is a spiritual role model and the author of the book You Can Heal Your Life.  For releasing the past, Louise shares the following affirmation:  I am perfect, whole, and complete, just as I am.  The more you repeat this statement of truth about yourself, the quicker you will release the past.  Write this affirmation down, carry it with you, and read it both aloud and to yourself throughout the day.  Journal the progress of how you feel from day to day.


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