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  1. Quality Natural Healthcare
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Why Natural & Non-Toxic?

Based on personal experience with a long lasting devastating dis-ease, I was forced to be mindful of every product I ingested and applied to my body. I knew that the only way I would fully recover from a dis-ease that is labeled to have no cure, was to make changes to the physical environment around me, as well as my internal environment. I had to become my own detective because even the “natural” and “health” stores did not carry 100% trustworthy products.

I researched and educated myself on ingredients and food labels. I believed that my body was designed to heal itself if I provided it with the correct nourishment and avoided all that was harmful. I prayed that people who had applicable knowledge to share with me, would cross my path. Knowledge, courage, faith, and belief contributed to my healing. In time, I overcame that supposedly incurable dis-ease and healed myself.

Alternative Solutions Saved My Life

Alternative Solutions saved my life on many occasions. The most significant use of alternative methods came at a time that I could have never anticipated. Just as I was feeling terrific after overcoming that 12 year long period of dis-ease, I fell on black ice outside an entrance door of my school building, with bags and coffee in hand. My right leg whipped out from under me, I felt myself airborne, I landed on my left shoulder, and I hit my head on the pavement. Needless to say, that split second of my life put me in severe agony for over 3 1/2 years. I was forced to use pharmaceutical drugs (otherwise known as synthetic chemicals), to better endure the recovery and pain of 3 surgeries. In addition to surgery recoveries, my neck was in a facet lock for 3 years, three quarters of my spine shifted out of alignment, my pelvis is was tilted, my right ankle frequently produced “collapsing episodes”, and often times I was brought to my knees. For 3 years, I could hardly turn my neck to the left, my vision blurred on and off, I had difficulty driving for various orthopedic related reasons, my gut was damaged by aspirin and prescription drugs creating 16 allergies to food that I never had before, I had extreme nutrient deficiencies due to being unable to shop for and prepare quality food, and I suffered from post traumatic stress symptoms. I worked hard to make progress, and the daily work to maintain homeostasis on every level will continue to be a lifelong journey. With desire, persistence, and knowledge of available solutions that do not include drugs of any kind, I was able to return to work just in time before losing everything. This is one of my proudest accomplishments in life:  holding onto everything that I have spent my life working so hard to create.  Day by day I continue to heal myself with the power of belief, persistence, and perseverance.  Yes, it’s true, thoughts become things and your mindset has tremendous power.

Breathing, Meditation, & Support

So how did I manage to push myself through a full work day while in debilitating pain that had me flat on my back when I arrived home each day? I utilized alternative physical therapies and alternative solutions to pain.  I learned how to practice basic Qi Gong techniques, how to properly breathe, and pushed myself until I could handle standing on my feet again after a full work day. It took almost a year after my return to work, to be able to accomplish the goal of standing additional hours & minutes after work each day.  I acclimated into my work routine by clocking my steps, monitoring time spent on my feet, and avoiding lifting of heavy objects. Simply showing up to work each day and making modifications to my physical duties was a great start to healing on every level. Being with my students again brought me joy. Feeling independent again empowered me to “conquer and overcome” with fierce determination. Had I chosen the path of masking symptoms & pain with drugs, I may have not been able to return to work, and continue to fulfill my passion.

Why Work With Me?

My personal journey and triumph over adversity, affords me the opportunity to teach others how to conquer and overcome a variety of wellness challenges. I have learned how to navigate the systems in place and decipher which products, companies, practitioners, and services can be trusted. I seek quality in all aspects of life and I make wise choices for myself that have yielded favorable results. I am a seeker, a believer, a warrior, a healer, and a teacher with deep compassion to bring the truth into the light and lead others to embrace The Essential Lifestyle™ of peace, joy, happiness, and perfect health.

I welcome you to Work With Me to serve others and begin the inquiry process by filling out the Work With Me contact form.


If you would like to change your mindset, your health, and your life by utilizing The Essential Lifestyle™ strategies, please contact me by filling out the Help Me Get To Know You contact form.

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